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This is a tribute to the amazing life and spirit of beloved musician, Therese Edell. Many comments have been sent around the web. Feel free to cut and paste those sentiments on the Blessings Blog, so that all of us, and Therese's family can all have a permanent rememberance of how we all feel about this extraordinary woman.  
 --With love, Irene Young and Boo Price
Good Night Therese Edell
by Barbara Price 
Thurs., March 17, 2011 at 1:37am

Ode to Therese Edell....
My dear dear friend Therese Edell - I am holding her close all this week since I got the call from Tess Wiseheart two nights ago. We were dear friends for all the years and I treasure every day I got to share with her. Of course she was one of the pioneers of womyn's music and we were all making it up together. I remember on the earliest years at the Michigan Festival when I was producing the Night Stage and I looked across the field and saw her walking carefully with support of her stalwart and dedicated Teresa Boykin who traveled the whole journey with her. She performed on our stage for several more years and slowly slowly she evolved into the well-remembered "voice of the Michigan Stage". She worked many summers in our staff house, answering the general info phone and fielding calls from women from all over the world. Each year we figured out new ways to rig her into the desk and line up the phone so she could manage the mouth stick to answer the calls. Always her cheery and funny voice welcoming the callers. You would never have known what it took for her to engage you all. She was tireless and always a spirit to behold. she would insist that Martha Steinhagen and Kimmie Swinehart take her swimming in the lake in 
front of our house, even though she couldn't hold herself above the water and depended totally on them to hold her on the surface between dousings as she cheered for more. Every day was fun and hilarious and defiant of the obstacles. I learned so much from and with her - mostly the ability to find the humor and compassion for all of life's unexpected and incomprehensible demands. I will always remember her nonstop energy on stage performing her own songs with guitar and accordian, and later her wheelchair in the back corner with her wool cap pulled 
over her ears, looking up at me with that incredulous but knowing look as I handed her the next community announcement that defined the parameters of who we were, living out there in the woods together. Finally sweet sleep is yours Therese Edell. Bless your enormous 
heart and fabulous laugh. Comfort to you, Teresa Boykin. 

Love, Boo

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Photo above  by Toni Armstrong
Still Life of Guitar and Prayer Beads by Irene Young

Therese Edell 
March 12, 1950 - March 14, 2011
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Spirit to Spirit
I celebrate you, honor you.
Your seeking soul can go now
and join the loving and kind.

This life was not easy,
but you came to know unconditional warmth,
and you came to know a tribal tenderness.

Take these jewels
to the realm of true compassion
and reveal them for your freedom,
your bliss.

May you shed all mortal suffering
like the leaves of a turning tree
going back to the earth,
going back to the Holy Origin
where all is birthed,
where everything grows for good
in one direction or another.

You have served here with honor,
and your work here is done.
Prepare your senses.
You have earned entry
into a garden where all is forever
in full bloom.

- irene young
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